«Expedition-Trophy» is a legendary adventure by off-road cars, which go through all over Russia since 2005. The race has unique characteristics of attracting records, traditions, and legends. And every new «Expedition-Trophy» does its part to this chronical.

Since the first years, the race has remained the most extended winter car-adventure in the world (17 000 km) with the most widespread and memorable events and unique drive (Lake Baikal, Baikal-Amur Mainline, the Great Caucasus Ridge, Yakutia winter roads crossing and etc.)

And yet «Expedition-Trophy» as any creature changes every year keeping the interest of participants, fans, and viewers.

In 2016 organizers decided to carry out the race once in 5 years. The nearest one will be held in 2020. Limit of participation (50 teams (each team consists of 6 people, at least one woman of them, 2 cars)

The route is Murmansk – Vladivostok. Returning to the previous format, including special locations, team meeting points among stages, 7 stages with 2 days each.

In Vladivostok at the lighthouse winners will be rewarded with 6 bars of gold with 500 grams each. Others will get medals, bottles of champagne and proud memory for the rest of their life.

Updated: 11/20/2018, 16:28