• On Friday 9 November at 7 p.m. at the conference-hall Synergy University the official meeting with the headquarters «Expedition-Trophy 2020» will be held.

    We invite all who want to take part in the legendary project: racers, tourists, partners, journalists, bloggers and those who have not decided yet in what capacity they want to go.

    We remember you that «Expedition-Trophy 2020» starts on February 23 and finishes on March 8. Places of start and finish remain traditional – Murmansk and Vladivostok.

    At the meeting it will be announced:

    • conditions for private and corporate teams
    • conditions attracting sponsors by participants
    • Social Challenge conditions

    also further information about the future race.

    The most valuable thing is that you can ask questions to Trophy commissioner directly and get answers immediately.

    On the meeting «Expedition-Trophy 2020» full team of organizers will be presented:

    • Alexander Kravtsov, lead organizer
    • Jaroslav Kwasov, сhief commissioner
    • Vadim Uskov, сhief Justice
    • Larisa Selezneva, sport commissioner
    • Elena Birukova, technical commissioner

    So, we are getting together on November 9 at 7 p.m.

    Address: Izmaylovskiy Val 2, 1st floor, Semenovskaya metro station (1 minute is far away from the metro station), Conference Hall of Synergy University, Moscow

    Attention! The registration is required by phone +7 (985) 316- 33-55 (Elena Birukova) or e-mail gonka@dorogi.ru.

    11/6/2018, 12:32
  • On September 27 on the roof of the restaurant «Expedition», the meeting with old players of race «Expedition Trophy» was held.

    In the atmosphere of degustation and friendly conversation, we asked the most important question: «What race do we want to make together?

    We thank everyone for your interest and worth wishes.

    Suggestions about simpler special locations have become the basis for the second challenge – for more affordable cars which are not going to be damaged on snow sangars.

    We have promised to work with the idea of sports totalizator.

    We don’t support the suggestions about the speed limits cancel.
    The priority was and remains the safety of our adventure participants and all who going our way. We hope for your understanding!

    Have a pleasure achievement!

    10/5/2018, 17:33
  • The headquarters «Expedition-Trophy 2020» confirms that from February 23 to March 8 in 2020 the race around the route Murmansk – Vladivostok will be held with 7 stages.

    The members of each team – 6 people, 1 woman at least of them. The team must have 2 cars which come up to technical regulations.


    There will be 2 sports challenges: Gold and Grand Challenges.

    The participants of Gold Challenge meet face to face in navigation tasks and at the special locations competing for 6 bars of gold with 500 grams each.

    The participants of the second standings will be able to drive all the way doing only navigation tasks without taking part at special locations.

    Requirements to cars for Gold Challenge are 2 leading drive axles (depend or independent) with the persistent or temporary connection, low range in transfer gearbox, clearance at least 19 cm, the size of the disk at least 15 inches, estate car-body, pickup or minivan, autonomous compartment surface heater.

    For Grand Challenge – four-wheel drive and autonomous compartment surface heater.

    The price

    The corporate team at any challenge – 2 500 000 rub The private team at the Gold Challenge – 500 000 rub  The private team at the Grand Challenge – 350 000 rub  The sales will begin from 11.11 a.m.  11.11.2018.  Within the first 3 days, you will get a 10% discount. There will be no the same price. For those who have decided that they are in play, it is time! Then the price will keep increasing. The terms and conditions for the price increase are to be announced. The request is supposed to be accepted after showing the list of start team members. (it is possible to replacement until the first February 2020), the team name and payment of nonrefundable deposit 30 % from the cost of participation.

    The school «Expedition Trophy»

    The headquarters suggests organizing a number of lessons at the school «Expedition Trophy» for the preparation of new teams. Veterans of the race will have the opportunity to share their experience.

    Team sponsors

    Organizers allow attracting confirmed local sponsors by teams.


    Any traveler has the opportunity to become a member of the race team.

    10/5/2018, 16:08