As before, «Expedition-Trophy 2020» will be held under the motto «The road is enough for all». Any adult regardless of nationality and gender can become a participant.

As usual, the race is the team competition. It is possible to take part for private and corporate teams which present their company or brand.

There are no restrictions on geography and status of participants. In «Expedition-Trophy 2020» Russian and foreign teams, new and old players are welcome.

Teams in «Expedition-Trophy 2020» must consist of 6 people, 1 woman of them, 2 cars.

In 2020 there will be two sports standings: Gold and Grand Challenges.

The participants of Gold Challenge meet face to face in navigation tasks and at the special locations competing for 6 bars of gold with 500 grams each.

The participants of the second standings will be able to drive all the way doing only navigation tasks without taking part at special locations.

Entry fee:

  • The corporate team at any challenge – 2 500 000 rub
  • The private team at the Gold Challenge – 500 000 rub
  • The private team at the Grand Challenge – 350 000 rub

The sales will begin from 11.11 a.m. 11.11.2018. Within the first 3 days, you will get a 10% discount. Then the price will keep increasing. The terms and conditions for the price increase are to be announced.

The corporate teams are given significant opportunities for their company and brand advertisement:

  1. Printing logo of the corporate team on their T-shirts;
  2. Sticking logo of the corporate team on their cars;
  3. Printing logo of the corporate team on banners for press-conferences and award ceremonies «Expedition-Trophy 2020»;
  4. It is possible to carry out own events using logo «Expedition-Trophy 2020»;
  5. Placing banner of the corporate team on the main page of «Expedition-Trophy 2020» website;
  6. Placing logo of the corporate team on official documentation and printing industry «Expedition-Trophy 2020»;
  7. Carrying out corporate team events during the race «Expedition-Trophy 2020» (if the event does not make difficulties during the race);
  8. Placing flag of the corporate team on their cars, at special locations and press conferences «Expedition-Trophy 2020»;
  9. Guarantee of people evacuation to the nearest big town.

Private and corporate teams are allowed to use support team including the third car following on race route.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us:
+7 (985) 316-33-55.

Updated: 12/11/2020, 18:08