• We honestly have made celebration – the adventure for 10 years for race participants and for us. Nowadays we see low activity and resources limitation of all interested persons in the race. We think it is not right and irrational to hold it badly and in a reluctant manner. That’s why looking towards to the future of us and Russia we have decided optimistically:

    1. To hold the race «Expedition-Trophy» once in 5 years. The next will be in 2020. The participant limit is 20 teams.
    2. The route «Murmansk – Vladivostok». Returning to the previous format including special locations, manufacturing process card, 7 stages with 2 days each and 1 woman at least in a team.
    3. The financial prize for the winner is 100 000 $
    4. Further information about race participation conditions will be announced on February 23, 2018

    See you then!

    Faithfully yours, Alexander Kravtsov, Alexey Chubais, Vadim Uskov, Larisa Selezneva, Elena Birukova.

    If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact by e-mail gonka@dorogi.ru and with Elena Birukova +7 (985) 316-33-55.

    10/14/2016, 09:30
  • Dear veterans and participants of the future race!

    We are interested in your opinion about what Expedition Trophy race should be. We will be grateful for opinion in the form of a questionnaire which you can send to e-mail gonka@dorogi.ru


    1. What are 3 reasons you would or will go to the race?
    2. What are 3 reasons you will not go to the race?
    3. Do you think race dates and places of start and finish should remain?
    4. Should the rule about 6 participants and at least 1 woman of them remain?
    5. Should there be off-road special stages? If so, describe them
    6. Does the race need a cultural navigation and taking over places? If so, what exactly should be and not?
    7. Should social projects remain?
    8. Do you think we need to tighten or simplify technical regulations?
    9. Does the race need the gold envelope? If so, in what format?
    10. How do you imagine the main prize?
    11. What entry fee do you think rational, relevant to your economic possibilities and come up to expectations from Expedition-Trophy race?

    Deadline to send your answers until September 25.

    We will be grateful for the answers.

    We will have answered all letters by October 1 and announced the final format «Expedition-Trophy».

    09/15/2016, 17:04
  • On August 25 from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at the address: Pervomayskaya 18, AlpIndustriya the first open meeting of the project «We can help first» will be held.

    Organizers of the project are veterans «Expedition Trophy». The purpose is publicizing and training of the first aid around the whole country including remote and hard to reach areas. Off-road cars will be used for the project realization. The main task is to practice the skills of first aid. Organizers of the project Alexander Gorshkov and Igor Pekhterev have faced many times with extreme situations where the first aid needed. During the childhood, we heard the phrase «Better die yourself, but help your friend out». The good slogan for team spirit building but in real life, it is necessary not only to help others but stay safe at the same time. The project is being implemented in association with the Russian Red Cross.

    The first open meeting will be held on August 25 at 7:30 p.m. in association with Mine Training School AlpIndustriya in Moscow.

    Free participation. We kindly ask you to register advanced. The number of places is limited.

    08/25/2016, 11:19